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Heart-centered Healer 


Consultant - CoherenceClinic

Precise Insights for Lasting Health

  • Lead practitioner in an assessment-led practice giving people a handle on their health - adaptive mind and biology in good spirit.

  • Therapist skilled in Light- Feedback-based Therapy

  • Diploma in therapeutic practice and study with founder of the Institute of Applied Biophoton Sciences, Rotterdam.

  • Multi-disciplinary consultant and researcher with MSc Health Sciences.

ThanaDoula - End of Life Care

Graduate of the first program in Canada for health practitioners offered by the Institute of Traditional Medicine:

  • Certificate: Contemplative End of Life Care;

  • 10-week Practicum in Palliative and Complex Care, at leading center, Baycrest Hospital in Toronto;

  • Registered Minister of the Universal Life Church based on belief we are all children of the same universe. This is a practical accommodation to work effectively in certain situations for end of life after-care.

Doctoral Research in CAM and Integrative Health Sciences

Writing Dissertation through the EU Inter-University, Seggau, Austria:


Facilitator: Mind-Body Medicine

Experienced with proven stress reduction techniques:

  • Trainee in Mindful Meditation for Stress Reduction under tutelage of  Dr. L Sykes (MBSR, Jon Kabbat-Zinn);

  • Heart Coherence following findings of Heart Math Institute.

Initiate in Ancient Practices

Student of ancient entheogenic cultures:

Visionary and Empath

Gifted with prescient dreams and loving capacity to see across time, to be present with others in feline spirit, and traditional knowing as Hummingbird, Butterfly, and Hawk. 

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