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For more than 20 years, iTrust has helped clients face an increasingly complex environment with unfamiliar uncertainties and dynamic risks:

We are currently resetting our Systems as Services, and to update our distinctive Indices for Ethical Enterprise and Security in the post-Covid Emerging Economy. This means we are transitioning news and information platforms. 
Thank you for your patience and interest.

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Founded in 2003 by Abraxas & Simba Holdings Inc. (AbraxasHoldings),  iTrust developed proprietary methodologies for integrating economic news, financial data, and business information in proprietary indices for financial and risk analysis indices and management accounting advisory services. 


iTrust Report - Subscriber services for managers of sizeable portfolios: 

  • Summary data and graphic indices documenting recent, periodic, and annual business and exchange valuations.

  • Review and analysis of current indices and changes in fundamental data, Alpha, Beta, Interest Rates, and Real-World economic factors affecting business, funds, and market valuations;

  • Five-star ratings of the Canadian Income and other equities in the Canadian ("iTrust Ratings") 


iTrust Ratings and iTrust Index - A proprietary system delivering a service ​

  • The iTrust Ratings were based on a Model portfolio featuring a proprietary market and fundamental asset valuation system (iTrust Index).

  • Our unique iTrust Index was published as a patent-pending methodology developed and then taken private by the iTrust Founder, and the AbraxasHoldings principal, Leslie Hayman.

iTrust is a registered trademark and wordmark that was licensed along with our services and proprietary systems to two outside organizations:

  • iTrust Institute (2005 - 2008) - A not-for-profit organization involving equity issuers to study the effects of regulatory policies on capital formation and equity valuations in the universe of public equities and international exchange including Canadian forms of income trusts. ​

  • iTrust Partners (2004 - 2009) - Private income-equity fund manager that set up income-oriented ETFs on the Toronto, and London Stock Exchanges

  • iTrust Investor (2000-2008) Online services
    For professional and self-directed investors
    . Included Intra-daily data and indices showing key changes in fundamental data affecting fund, business, money, and international currency and market valuations.  Subscribers received weekly online publications of business-related news. And, systems provided summary data and graphic indices documenting recent, periodic, and annual business information and exchange valuations.

(c) iTrust tm, Toronto, 2003-2023

All Rights Reserved






Cultivating Conscious Creativity in Connected Society.

Improve Health-Span, Quality of Life, and Prosperity for people on the planet.


Proven Pathfinder. Skilled in Whole Systems Sciences, Strategy, Analysis, Design, and Modeling. Thinks beyond the Box. Founder. Friend, and Mentor.


Pursued a Doctorate, as a Research Fellow. Left incomplete during COVID.

Received MSc, EU Inter-University College of Health and Development. Honors Business Administration, HBA, Ivey School of Business, U of Western.

Living Systems and Person-based methods for data integration, option creation, differentiation, inclusive organization, and mediation based on Principles of Total Evidence.

Founder and Managing Director of game-changing and ground-breaking businesses at home and abroad.

(c) Leslie Hayman, 1995-2023

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