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Member AGO

Member: AGO Art Gallery of Ontario




Public Health and Community
Organizations have included:


  • Clarke Institute of Psychiatry Foundation;

  • South Riverdale Community Health Center;

  • Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA);

  • Northern Ontario Telecommunications Network;

  • Euclid Community Arts & Video Theater;

  • Foodshare of Metro Toronto;

  • iTrust Institute

Founding and Managing Director
Private and Public Corporations


Scientific & Professional Societies

Member, Associate, or Friend

International Societies and Associations

  • Int’l Union of Biochem & Molecular Biology (IUBMB)

  • Int’l Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS)
  • Int’l Society of Comp Med Research (ISCMR
  • Association of Psychological Science (APS)

  • Public Health & Medical Pro's for Transparency

American Associations​

Appreciated being welcomed in as an Associate Member in the CFA Society of Toronto and Advocis, Financial Advisors of Canada.



  • 1st Educational & Scientific Conference of OPHA addressing the WHO Ottawa Charter, Toronto,1987.

  • First Global Conference Against Trafficking in Women, CATW and GAATW, New York City,1988.

  • March Against HIV Drug Harm, LGB Rights, and Liberation March on Washington, DC, April 1993.

  • 1st Electronic Financial Systems Conference, San Jose, CA  - Bloomberg news network launch,1990.

  • Microsofts' Multimedia & Digital Technology Developers' Conferences, California, mid-90s.

  • The Threat of New & Emerging Infectious Diseases, Schofield Memorial Lecture, Dr. FA Murphy, U. of Guelph, 1998.

  • Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC'14) Conference, Toronto, Canada, 2010.

  • 20th Anniversary, Towards a Science of Consciousness Conference, 2014, U. of Arizona. Tucson (TSC'14).

  • Microtubules and Quantum Consciousness, TSC'14 Pre-Conference Workshop with Sir Roger Penrose.

  • Conference on Quantum Information and Quantum Control VI (CQIQC-VI). U of Toronto, August 2015

  • 1st Conference of the Canadian Mitochondrial Network, with Keynote by Chief Scientist of Seahorse Bioscience (now Agilent) cellular metabolomic technology. Faculty of Medicine, U of T, Nov. 2018.

Conference/Event Organizer
Public Health Associations and others [see Events]

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