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Embroidery of Amazonian Icaro




Post Graduate Student 

For specific information on research, writing and collaboration, please contact me directly.

MSc - Complementary, Psycho Social and Integrative Health Sciences, EU InterUniversity College of Health and Development, focused on novel assessment technologies and therapies;

Certificate - Complementary, Psycho Social and Integrative Health Sciences, EU InterUniversity, College of Health and Development

Diploma - Biophoton Therapy and Biontology, Institute of Applied Biophoton Sciences, Rotterdam;

Certificate - Contemplative End of Life Care, ThanaDoula, Institute of Traditional Medicine. Thies included a two-month practicum in Palliative and Complex Care at the Baycrest Hospital in Toronto;

Training - Mindful Meditation for Stress Reduction, led by Dr. L Sykes (MBSR, Jon Kabbat-Zinn);

HBA - Honors Business Administration, Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario. Focused on media based systems and enterprise.

Marine Biology - Credit course with months of living in the Caribbean, learning in classroom and water, biology as ecology, complex systems.

Wisdom and Healing Traditions

Participant and apprentice in North and South American indigenous practices: Sweat lodge ceremonies with West coast Sioux; Yopo practices from the Orinoco Basin; Santo Daime from Brazil; initiate in Peruvian plant medicine including Amazonian Ayahuasca and Mesa Huachuma ceremonial works.

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