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Principal, Engine X Inc

Professional Services: Management consulting, Strategic Design and systems innovation strategy, Research and Development. Own initiatives in the last decade include ex Life Sciences and CoherenceClinic, health products and programs [1995-Present] 

President, RobustMedia

Digital systems, branding service and media maker. Committed to empowering community organizers for leading change.


Created and led innovative multinational enterprise. Profitable startups including $100 M programs and portfolios:

Managing Partner, Jazz Wines 
Co-founder and producer of and The Shiraz a multi-sourced wine made with the Wine Maker of the Year in Australia [7 Years]

Fund Advisor, iTrust™ Partners
Owner in Cayman manager of income investments in the Canadian equity market for Gulf State investors  [5 Years]

Publisher - iTrust Report [2000-08]
Developer and owner, operator subscription-based equity investment management program, proprietary market information system and model portfolio featuring a patent-pending methodology for meaningful valuation.

Founding Director
Virgin Food & Beverag
e Japan

Co-led team of two with Richard Branson and used a partnership strategy to establish 3% market share in Year 1 [1995], positive net ROI and consumer value by breaking a market monopoly.

Managing Director
Cott Beverages International

[2 Years] Barbados - Wrote the Asian business plan and turned it into an immediately profitable business, sourcing and launching the first premium store brand in Japan for the second largest grocer, Ito Yokado.

VP Strategy
Retail Brands Internationa

Unit of Cott Corporation [1993]. Created premium brands for five dozen retailers in Year 1 . Also produced a Market Intelligence System for our parent company, Cott, its retail clients and their suppliers;


Senior Associate
Don Watt & Associates, Toronto

Led research, strategic and graphic design, and the introduction of leading brands and market-changing programs [5 years]

NeoSimplicity IncToronto
Publisher of QuitKit™, top-selling smoking cessation publication. Produced educational media and materials for banking industry and academia [8 Years]

Program Manager
Manifest Communications
Health and policy promotion strategy and programs for government, public and private groups [4 Years]

Director - Executive - Producer

Created and launched game-changing programs and ground-breaking enterprise at home and abroad (see Infographic overviews):

Author - Researcher - Developer

See highlights by sector.

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