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Conscious Caring

Original Research


Publications upon Request

Lead Scientist, Practitioner, CoherenceClinic
[2011– C’19]

Research Fellow [2014 - C'19]
Doctoral Program EU InterUni
College of Health & Development

  • Novel Biophoton therapies

  • Salutogenesis

  • Quality of Life

  • Placebo, and Evidentiary Standards.

Health Advocate & Educator
End-of-Life Care

Heartfelt ally for the Person and loved ones.


Emerging Diseases
Cures, Confounders, and Covid

Study, Root Cause, and Orthogonal Analyses

Prior Health-related Research
Highlights for example:

  • Principles of Health in Organizational & Community Development. Cosponsored by the Ontario Public Health Association and Health & Welfare Canada. A demonstration project featured a 3-day workshop hosted by the North Bay Department of Public Health.    

  • Interactive Network-based Public Health Program to inform in-home family self-care. Sponsors: Health & Welfare Canada using Telidon technology for the Canadian Dept. of Communications.

  • Evalu*Life Self-care computer program for the Canadian Department of National Defense.

  • Nutritional, Nutraceutical, and whole-health product programs for retailers and suppliers including specifications and branding, development and application of nucleotide matching systems, 


Inventions- Numerous brands, domains, and trademarks

Select Highlights for Example

  • Consumer-centered Real-time Grocery Trade System for CEO of Cott Beverages Corporation and global retail clients.

  • First Premium Quality Retail Brand Program in Canada, US, and Asia introduced for market leaders Loblaw Stores, Wal-Mart, 7Eleven, and Ito-Yokado, Follow-on specifications, strategies, and implementation for 60+ regional leaders in grocery and pharmacy in North America and abroad.

  • Green™ category definition, food and beverage line specifications as an early national trial for leading Canadian grocer. It was tested as the precursor to the eventual Blue Label and Organic lines.

  • Orchard Crisp Apples brand, design, quality control, and retailer program, reorganizing supply for Ontario Apple Growers in response to regulatory changes in California to stop farm chemical, Alar.  Boosted apple quality and margins. Honored by the Ontario Government

  • Recycled Clear Egg Carton. First plastic package researched, designed, and manufactured for Canadian Egg Marketers. Honored for Eco-Friendly innovation at an annual national event.

  • Water - Market, product, environmental, and quality-driven systems analysis and strategy for source operators, wholesalers, and retailers.


Inventions - Proprietary Investment Methodology: Equity Evaluation by

Equivalent Time Scale - Held in Patent-pending status in the USA to 2017.


  • Breach of Trust - Year-end Canadian Equity Market Review [2006], Forum Magazine - Journal of Advocis, Canadian Assoc of Financial Advisors.

  • Trust Report – Daily Briefs and Canadian Market Guide. Online publications for subscribers including major Canadian fund managers.

  • First eMarketing System and Client Interface – Royal Bank of Canada.
    Study, and specification of the first integrated computer-phone-based cross-sales platform, data model, interface design, prototyping, and testing for an operator training module, with NeoSimplicity Inc.



  • The 90% Rule – What’s Your Next Big Opportunity 
    Advisor to Authors Ken Tencer and John Paulo Cardoso. 
    Consulted on core concepts including the need, citing, and providing the
    model for person-centered 
    business strategy. 

  • Autocatalytic Computing - Paper with top Marks for BA Anthropology, University of Western Ontario. Still as relevant today regarding AI, as during the pre-PC era, 

Dual-Use Technology:
Military-Industrial Rules
and Public Policy

Life-long Practicum.

Author, Educator Since 1984, e.g.:

  • Post-9/11 Aviation Industry Background, MBA Program for a Leading Canadian School of Management - Researcher and Author

  • White Paper - Sharepoint Collaborative Server, Business case for Microsoft Corp through ParallelSpace. Analyst, Author

  • Systems modeled and tested for, including Health Canada and the Department of National Defense..

Consumer Goods
The 90% Rule Book



Cultivating Conscious Creativity in Connected Society.

Improve Health-Span, Quality of Life, and Prosperity for people on the planet.


Proven Pathfinder. Skilled in Whole Systems Sciences, Strategy, Analysis, Design, and Modeling. Thinks beyond the Box. Founder. Friend, and Mentor.


Pursued a Doctorate, as a Research Fellow. Left incomplete during COVID.

Received MSc, EU Inter-University College of Health and Development. Honors Business Administration, HBA, Ivey School of Business, U of Western.

Systems and Person-based methods for data integration, option creation, differentiation, inclusive organization, and mediation based on Principles of Total Evidence.

Founder and Managing Director of game-changing and ground-breaking businesses at home and abroad.

(c) Leslie Hayman, 1995-2024

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